Friday, April 29, 2011

Sarisava-Pahi: Subodh Jha

Sarisava-Pahi is under Jhanjharpur subdivision of Madhubani district. This village is known for its academic activities from ancient period. Birth place of Bhavanatha, popularly known as AyachiMishra , Shankar Mishra, and several other founders of Nyaya-vaishesika and Mimamsa systems of Indian Philosophy; this village gave birth to Mahamahopadhyaya Dr. Sir Ganganath Jha, Dr. Amarnath Jha,Mahamahopadhyayas Mohan Mishra, Balkrishna Mishra, Mahopadhyay Anandkar, Vidyakar and several other. This village till date is known for its academic excellence. Native of this village has distinguished themselves in their respective fields of knowledge throughout India. In this village one may find leading lights of India, both in Oriental and Occidental Studies. Professor Ramanath Jha, Kavishekhar Badrinatha Jha, Dr.Triloknatha Jha, Dr.Arun Mishra are some of the famos names in India in Oriental Studies whereas Professors Chetakar Jha,Hetukar Jha, Professor Amarnath Jha are famous in Occidental and Technical Studies. This village is known for renowned Maithlli poet LalDas,Pandit Ratneswar thakur, Dr Haribansh lal.

The great distinction is the two ICS from the same family Adityanatha Jha and Vibhutinatha Jha.

Both Kavishekhar Badrinatha Jha and Dr. Trilokanatha Jha of Khauwarre family received President Award for their excellent work in Sanskrit.

Siddheshwara Mahadeva,Siddheshwari Bhagawati (established by Balram)Temple located at Sarisava is ancient one and Lakshmi Narayan Temple located at Pahi is almost five hundred years old. This village has a high shool called "M L Academy", which was established in 1907; and a college, which was established in 1954. It has its Post-office and state hospital. It was connected through State High way earlier, and now it is connected through National Highway.

Subodh Jha


  1. Not 'M L Academy' it's Lakshmiswar Academy